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Notebook Hard Drive Recovery

As the demand for mobile computing increases laptops have become crucial to productivity and flexibility in business and education. At Accurate Data Recovery our success rate on notebook hard drives is over 95%. Our Recovery Engineers have extensive training in this area of data recovery to meet the growing demands for these kinds of failures. Although the notebook drives are much smaller and more difficult to work on, we have stayed the course and kept our prices in line with any desktop drive. For as little as $400 - $900 a complete notebook recovery can be achieved.

Has your laptop computer crashed?

Accurate Data Recovery can recover drives that
1. are clicking or making other strange noises
2. that have been dropped
3. suffered electronic shorting from spilled fluids
4. have suffered from viruses or other system corruptions
5. have accidentally been formatted or overwritten with a new OS
6. are not being detected by the BIOS

And nearly all other causes of data loss.

After successfully recovering your data, our service technicians will follow up with the best suggestions for backup solutions for people on the go. Accurate Data Recovery helps you to ensure that you won't suffer critical data loss again.

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