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Tape Data Recovery

At Accurate Data Recovery we take pride in our very successful tape recovery process. Although we still maintain our free evaluation policy, it should be noted that typically tapes and cartridges take considerably more time than other jobs due to the exhaustive procedure used in evaluating what data on the tape is recoverable.

Step 1: Evaluation
The complete evaluation phase usually takes from 12 hours to less than 2 working days. At the conclusion of the evaluation we will email you a file list of what files can be recovered. You can choose only the data you need from the file list. This is followed by a detailed report stating how long it will take to recover and a firm price to recover your requested files

Step 2: Tape Recovery
After receiving your signed approval we will begin the actual recovery phase where your your data is manipulated, reconstructed and placed on CD's or a hard drive in the event that a large amount of data is needed. The complete turnaround is usually 2 to 4 days. We gaurantee the files we recover are fully functional.

Step 3: Successful Tape Recovery
You will receive your tape and the requested data on the medium of your choice.