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Raid Data Recovery

Raid arrays are becoming more popular now that typical PC motherboards have built in IDE or SATA RAID controllers. Unfortunately, these low-cost RAID solutions provide very little in the way of administrative tools. Unlike SCSI RAID controllers, which offer excellent management utilities, the IDE and SATA formats can fail with no support whatsoever. At Accurate Data Recovery, we have worked extensively with the new RAID formats and our success rate is unprecedented in recovering these low-cost systems.

The Low-cost RAID Solution

If you are getting quotes of $2000 to $5000 from other data recovery shops, chances are you are paying way too much. Don't pay thousands of dollars to recover your IDE or SATA RAID systems. Even though our recovery engineers need to invest more time and expertise to recover a failed array, Accurate Data Recovery has accepted the fact that most people losing a RAID system are not Fortune 500 companies. We have decided to keep our pricing between $750 and $1500 to reflect these realities.

Most IDE and SATA RAID's are less complex to recover than a SCSI array, and our tools can usually recover these arrays without the need for the original RAID Controller or server. This will allow you to have less down-time since you can replace the drives and get back up and running again without any delay, while we recover your data. All of our work is done on mirror drives, so your original drives will never be altered until a successful recovery is completed. We can usually return the data on your original drives, saving you the expense of buying new drives.

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