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Here is what our customers say about us!

"Just a quick note to say how pleased and impressed I was with your service.

It is refreshing to work with an organization that is knowledgeable and

handles each situation professionally.  These experiences are very rare in

today's business environment.
Thanks again for a job well done and Happy Holidays!"

Jim Natterer

"Thank you for all your help these past several weeks. We have been

very happy with the quality of service that you have given us. We have

several customers in the past the have had critical data lost and have not

been able to offer them a cost effective solution...until now. I am pleased

to say that Artemis will be using your services much more frequently to

assist our customers in the recovery of such data. Once again, thank you for

all of your help...especially from our customers!


Lynn Bicht

"I am impressed with the speed and accuracy that you were able to recover the

data. I have sent a request to my operations manager to have a P.O. raised. I will

fax the approval as soon as it is given.

Dick Weytze

"I just received the CDs and the invoice, which I have already given to the

Accounts Payable Dept. This is the first time that we have used your company and I am quite pleased about the service we received.
Thank you for your quick responses and the efficient and professional manner

in which you have dealt with our problem. Thank you again and hope to do business with you in the future."

Jeannie Martinez
Senior I/S Analyst

"I had "lost" 6 months of 2002 emails earlier but the computer continued working. You even found those 6 months! Amazing. The old emails have transferred and I am cleaning them up and organizing them to subfiles. Thanks again."

John Scheel

"I got the Hard Disk Drive "yesterday" because of my business trip. I plugged it into my PC and could start and see all files. It is the "perfect recovery"!!!
Thank you very much for your effort.
Best Regards,"

Atsushi Tanaka
Toshiba Corporation

"I'm happy to report that my system booted up perfectly with the new drive, as if nothing had happened. Thank you very much for your help. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with ADR, and I would recommend your services without

hesitation to any other souls unfortunate enough to need them!
All the best,"

Dan Stillman

Note: Additional references will be gladly provided upon request.