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Unparalleled Service at reasonable prices
Accurate Data Recovery, began in 1990 as a hardware repair business, specializing in hard drive repairs. By 1996, it became apparent that data on hard drives was more important than the repair of the drive. At that time, Accurate Data Recovery was officially launched as an exclusive data recovery business. What sets us apart from our competition is:

  • Data recovery is our only objective. We do not do computer service or other hardware repairs.
  • We utilize the very latest tools and technology to maximize our efficiency.
  • Our prices to recover large drives are comparable to what they were 5 years ago.
  • We do not spend thousands of dollars on online advertizing each month and this allows us to pass on our savings to our customers.
  • When you call in with a problem, you can be assured that your questions are answered by a qualified data recovery specialist, not a receptionist reading from a script.

"We've seen it all and fixed it all"
Accurate Data Recovery's engineers have trained extensively and worked with hard drive manufacturers on a wide variety of problems. Some of our technical credentials include:

  • Novel CNE, MSCE, UNIX, Linux Servers, Macintosh Specialists
  • All internal repairs are done on our Class 10 Clean Bench
  • We have a large parts inventory and direct links to parts suppliers for hard-to-find parts
  • We have extensive software, ensuring that your data is tested on the original program it was created on to make sure it is fully functional