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The data recovery process: an explanation

Step 1: Isolating the Problem
When your disk arrives at our labs we begin by checking if the hardware is functional. If the physical hardware has to be repaired you will be immediately informed. Nothing will ever be done to void a warranty without prior customer consent. The head assembly or board level components may have to be replaced in order to gain access to the data.
After the initial hardware examination is done, we begin by creating a raw image of your disk onto one of our shop drives. We never alter the data on your original drive. All recovery work is done on a mirror drive. Mirroring of the drive can take as little as a few hours to several days depending on the size and condition of the disk platters. When the imaging process is complete and on a workable shop device, we then move to analyzing the data.

Step 2: Analyzing and Recovering the Data
We begin by repairing any damage to the file system structures such as partition table, boot record, master file tables, file allocation tables, directories, etc. Depending on how badly damaged your hard drive is we may have to reconstruct individual files one sector at a time. Once we can see and gain access to the files, we create a copy of the data to the second drive. While we are copying the data we also check for virus infections that may have corrupted the files. All important files are then tested to ensure their functionality. When we determine what can be recovered, we will produce a structured file list along with a full report that will be emailed to you immediately.

Step 3: Completing the Process
After you are satisfied that the files you need are on the file list, we will provide an exact price quote to recover the requested data files. We retrieve the files to DVD or, in the case of a very large amount of data, we would use a new hard drive. We would put the repaired data back on your original drive, if it is still functional. After you receive the data, we will follow up with a phone call and provide you with any assistance you may need in restoring your data to your new setup.

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