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Accurate Data Recovery Prices
Computers and drives are faster and bigger than ever and still their prices have remaned stable or fallen. Why should the price to recover the data from these large drives be double or triple that of a 6 gig or 20 gig drive? Unlike other shops our price range does not escallate through the roof if your drive happens to be 40 gigs or larger - even though it can take significantly longer to mirror and recover the larger drives. Having faced the reality that all new computers are being sold with large drives, our customers will continue to pay at levels they can afford. We recover any IDE-drive for $400 and $900.

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FREE no risk evaluation
Free no risk evaluation means there is never any charge for evaluating the condition of your data whether or not it can be recovered, regardless of how long it takes. At the end of the evaluation a complete file list is emailed showing exactly what files can be recovered. At most data recovery shops no file list will be sent until you commit to certain price level. At Accurate Data Recovery a substantial amount of time, parts and resources are invested before you are ever asked for any payment.

Free file list before Payment
At Accurate Data Recovery you will only receive a quote after seeing for yourself what files can be recovered. You can be certain that the recovery will be successful before you commit to that quote. All important files that you request from the list will be tested using the original program used to create them. It's our guarantee that they will function perfectly. Be on the safe side and know what you get before you pay.