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Shipping and Packing

In this section you can find additional information about shipping, customs and packaging

Step 1: Evaluation Form
Before your ship your medium it is neccessary to click and fill out the Evaluation Form. Please print a copy of the form and place it in the box with your media.

Step 2: Filling out the Commercial Invoice
Please fill out the Commercial Invoice prior to sending us your drive. Read all instructions carefully. Even though express shipments do not require a commercial invoice it is a good practice to include one in order to avoid any possible delays. This document is used by Customs to verify the contents of the package. We have provided a commercial invoice that has been partially filled in for your convenience. Just fill in the date, air way bill number, your company address, contact name and sign at the bottom. It is very important to fill out the air waybill form (shipping document) correctly in order to avoid any delays in processing your disk through customs.

Step 3: Packing your medium correctly
In order to reduce any further damage to your drive and ensure the best chance to recover your data the following packing instructions should be followed. If possible use the original hard drive box and material your drive came with; otherwise, follow the instructions in Shipping Details.