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Review of DiskView                                                                           Printer friendly version

Few and far between are occasions when I find a piece of software that is as superb as DiskView in terms of user friendliness, efficiency, graphic interface, functionality, customization and just about everything else.

Diskview is a slick program that performs two essential functions that Windows does not have, it shows a graphic breakdown of how your data takes up space on your hard drive; and it works together with SMART Technology (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) to diagnose the health of your hard drive and predict failures.
Once installed, Diskview automatically analyzes your disk for space usage and errors. It becomes one with your Windows explorer to give you on-the-fly statistics of each individual folder on the drive. To see how much space each program or file takes up on your drive, simply click on the Diskview button in your windows explorer and the program immediately shows a graphical representation of each folder.

Another nice point is that Diskview does not take up much of your system resources so it won’t interfere with even the most intense computing. Some other notable features include a display of file fragmentation, physical attributes of the hard drive (temperature, speed, etc.), and simple report creation.

So what’s the number one reason to get Diskview? Its ability to predict hard drive failures of course! Once the SMART indicators fall below their safe thresholds, Diskview will inform you of the situation, with ample time to backup your data before the inevitable happens. The reality is that all drives eventually fail. Will you be prepared?
You can find a 15-day trial version of Diskview at

Alex Bezborodov
Technical Writer
Accurate Data Recovery