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Shipping Details

Shipping Details
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Shipping Instructions

Because of frequent delays it is not recommended to use AIRBORNE EXPRESS courier from the US.

To avoid custom brokerage charges, do not ship by UPS ground service. Accurate Data Recovery will not pay for Customs clearance on inbound shipments sent by ground delivery. You will be responsible for a US $16.00 brokerage fee if we clear the package and brokerage has not been paid by you, the shipper.

Please take a moment and click below to fill out the Evaluation Form. Even though express shipments do not require a commercial invoice it is a good practice to include one in order to avoid any possible delays.

Good package

If possible pack your media in an anti static wrap. Foam is an excellent insulator.

Bubble wrap is another good insulator. Make sure there's adequate insulation around and in between the drives, if 2 or more items are packed in the same box. Remember the better the condition of the Hard Drive after shipping the better your chances for a successful data recovery.

Unacceptable packaging

This is NOT the way to pack your hard drive! Envelopes and boxes are tossed on conveyor belts and into bins. Packing it in an envelope will certainly result in further damage and can render it non-recoverable.

Foam peanuts should also be avoided as the drive will not remain in the center of the box will usually settle at the bottom or side of the package.